January 16, 2018

New Avengers Costumes For 2012

Avengers Costume Line

This spring Marvel came out with one of the years biggest action jam-packed blockbuster! The classy Avengers have again set ablaze their powers to give the audience a good kick start for this year. Everyone loves the team, even your grandparents do! Now you can watch as Nick Fury trys to lead a team of superheros to help save the Earth from common foes.  But, don’t forget to see the movie in style, with our new 2012 line of Avengers Costumes and accessories.

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Avengers Plot Overview:

Loki, a powerful enemy, who is also Thor’s adopted brother, unexpectedly arrives bringinng chaos to the community. As a director of the S.H.I.E.L.D., an international peacekeeping agency, Fury found out that the Tesseract, a powerful source of energy was activated and stolen by Loki in order to allow other exiles the chance to enter Earth. The only way to stop Loki is by reactivating the members of the Avengers team. The Black Widow, Hulk, Iron Man, Thor, Hawkeye and Captain America. Meanwhile, Loki found his ally, Chitauri, to help him conquer the planet Earth. At first the Avengers team had different opinions on how they would capture Loki, but after a tragedy occured they realized that with a unified power, nothing would be unbeatable.

Yes, it was indeed a fight worth watching for.  A great battle of supernatural powers that you shouldn’t miss. 

Garnering a rating of 8.6/10 from IMDB and 92% from Rotten Tomatoes, this movie will certainly keep you on the edge of your seat which could only mean that you shouldn’t miss the movie!! Check out The Avengers trailer to give you a tease of some action-binding scenes. After you see the movie, tell us the scenes that kept you at your wits end!

 Avengers Movie Trailer:

New Avengers Movie Costumes:

Epic Movie Costumes is proud to announce our new line of 2012 Avengers Costumes!  Become part of the greatest superhero team on planet Earth. Nothing is impossible. Epic Movie Costumes has all the resources for you to join in the fun.  Below you will find some of the new movie costumes from The Avengers.

 Adult and Kids Captain America Costumes

Looking to become The Avenger’s unofficial leader? Then check out our new Avengers Captain America Costumes!


Hulk Costumes From Avengers Movie

Can you dare to be green yet be super strong? Be the Hulk!  Check Out Our New Avengers Hulk Costumes!

 New Thor Costumes From The Avengers

Act powerful and look like a God with our New Line of Thor costumes!

 New Iron Man Costumes From Avengers 2012 Movie

In the movie, Iron Man has the humor and power, opt to be him?  Check The New Iron Man Costumes!

 New Hawkeye Costumes From Avengers

Hawkeye has all the perfect moves of a superhero! You could be one too. Check Out The Avengers Hawkeye Costumes!

 New Black Widow Costumes From Avengers

Be sexy, sultry and powerful! Be the Black Widow. See Our New Line Of Black Widow Costumes!

 New Loki Costumes from Avengers

Loki, the famous enemy of the Avengers! Capture others attention and come in style with this Loki Costume.


New Nick Fury Costume

Become the Director of S.H.I.E.L.D and Assemble the Avengers Team! Check Out The New Nick Fury Costume.

With The Avengers being one of this summers biggest blockbuster movies you can expect come Halloween these Avengers costumes will  be flying off the shelf left and right!  Looking to dress up as your favorite Avengers character this Halloween don’t wait to long to assemble your costume together. 

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Let us know which character you plan on dressing up as this Halloween in the comment box below…

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